Sunday, September 28, 2008

NSR Week 15

Welcome back to NSR... We've been... Going through a slight reorganization of sorts, but we're back! This week is unthemed, so you'll see posts on a variety of EMS topics. Give them a visit and let them know what you think!

First up we have Rogue Medic with Respiratory Therapy: 101 - What?
From Respiratory Therapy 101: Just Keep Breathing comes this not-so-shocking description of apparent misbehavior by a doctor - What?:

I was reading a patient's H&P the other day when I came across the following gem from one of our pulmonologists, who has a history of ordering thousands of dollars of useless therapy for no reason:
"There is no clinically significant bronchodilator response, which does not preclude the use of bronchodilator therapy."

Next up we have Peter with Out of Time:
The room in the nursing home is sparse. The patient, a large man in a hospital johnny, is pale and diaphoretic with a low grade fever and edema in his abdomen and extremities. His eyes follow me slowly as I assess him.
This week we have a guest Anonymous poster who wants to tell her story:
Its amazing what a little time will do to resurrect old dreams and longings. Take me for instance, I am comfortably stuck in being a full time employee, parent and general flunky when a job change suddenly gave me ample time to sit back and think about things and I suppose the fact I was about to turn 40 had a little something to do with it.
Epijunky tells us how not to do Medic School:
Two of the longest days of my life. This is how NOT to do it.